I am Scott Francis

I am originally from Stoke-on-Trent, England but currently live (and have done for six years) in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain.

I am many things

I am a Frontend Software Engineer

I am currently a Senior Software Engineer at Netcentric, an award winning Adobe Global Alliance partner.

I have been working on several applications over the last five years for Swiss bank Raiffeisen. I started using Angular to help create an online mortgage application, followed up by helping to create a business loan application and moved on to leading the team that develops and maintains the corporate website.

Recently I have been part of a small team creating (what will become) an open source library designed to change the design and development process for progressively enhanced user experiences. It's been an amazing change to my usual project work and I am super excited to get this out to the community.

Outside of my team I am a mentor to seven Frontend Engineers who are at various stages of their careers.

I am a Podcaster

I co-host a podcast called Frontend Heroes (available from all good outlets)

I have been doing this with my former colleague and friend Evan Payne since February 2020 and we generally put out an episode every four weeks

We have and continue to cover a wide range of topics to do with the Frontend world and like to get guests on as much as we can to get a specialist take on every subject. In fact if you have something you'd like us to talk about and be our expert then please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you

We'd love you to listen and you can find us here on Spotify

I am a Speaker

OK, I'm new to this but I gave my first talk in October 2020 and I really enjoyed it and hope to do more.

I loved the process of putting together a story that could take the audience on a journey and see how Frontend work can impact an everyday situation.

If you would like to watch my talk on the Progressive User Experience Library (or ProgUX for short) please take a look on YouTube

I am a Musician

Everyone has a passion don't they? Well mine is music.

I have been in bands for a long, long time and recorded music that I am very proud of, alas it was not to be my career.

I still love to sit with the guitar, write songs and record in a home studio.

I am a Father & Partner

Last on the list but my top priority.

I have an amazing family and my great joy is watching my two sons growing and learning new things everyday.