I am Scott Francis

I am originally from Stoke-on-Trent, England but currently live (and have done for nine years) in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain.

I am many things

I am a Company Builder

Since 2021 I have helped to build Porsche Digital in Barcelona

We started small, I was the first but a small core team formed the basis of the company, we are now well over 100 people

We are a Digital Product company that believes in Agile and working in partnership with our Porsche colleagues to create a one team approach, all to spark excitment for the customers of one of the worlds great brands.

I have learned a lot over the years but have a firm belief that culture, diversity and balance will bring happiness to the people that will ensure success.

I am a Managing Director

My steps after engineering were steep but I feel at home in my role

I have no formal business education but have worked in the tech space for over 20 years and have gained an understanding of what works for the people within companies and ultimately customers and stakeholders.

My day-to-day is less hands on than it used to be, strategic goals have replaced sprint planning but I enjoy every aspect of this.

I believe that in my role I have the capacity to enable people, allow them to grow and thrive, provide them with a culture and a space that they can feel safe and included.

Setting the platform allows all of us to deliver amazing digital products that offer real excitment to the customers of Porsche.

I am a Software Engineer

I do not code as I used to but when you have done it in start-ups, government and global e-Commerce for nearly 20 years I don't think you can ever count yourself out.

I did so much in my time as an engineer, created some amazing applications and worked with super talented people and was able to mentor others.

I have a passion for digital and the possibilities it offers, it inspired me to join the industry and it inspires me today.

I am a Speaker

I have talked at company events, firesides, panel discussions and tech events.

I enjoyed the experience everytime I have had the chance to do any public speaking and hope to build on this.

I love the process of putting together a story that could take the audience on a journey and perhaps make them see something from a different angle.

I am a Musician

Everyone has a passion don't they? Well mine is music.

I have been in bands for a long, long time and recorded music that I am very proud of, alas it was not to be my career.

I still love to sit with the guitar, write songs and record in a home studio.

I am a Father & Husband

Last on the list but my top priority.

I have an amazing family and my great joy is watching my two sons growing and learning new things everyday.